Many gaps, incomplete and inaccurate information exist about nutrition and well being. From the elemental foundations on food and its function in the body and relative to how a normal body function, one draws the basic principles of nutrition and how food makes us be who we are.


We are what we eat. That is the basic foundation we are made from. When what we eat is not right, then our bodies will not function optimally. As an institution we believe that re- alignment of food for our ‘’being’’ will yield the expected results. Out of this important piece of information we will be in a position to differentiate ‘’Diseases’’ and disorders.

Once the mind setup is not right, one is not able to focus their energies on results yielding activities and that is why we believe that the services offered and how they are offered is very much relevant to the current needs and challenges faced by our clients.


We are about the people and for the people. Wellness emanates from the correct mind-set channelled to correct activities that are results oriented. Start challenging your chronic conditions.